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Manager | Level 3 Stylist

Sasha found her home as a stylist at Hair Crafters in 2014.  When starting out as a stylist 12 years ago, Sasha focused specifically on education and training in hair color.  Today she has found a passion in all aspects of doing hair. Sasha pays meticulous attention to detail when it comes to her client's hair, enjoying the process of achieving the final finished look.


Sasha is proud of all she has accomplished in her 12 years and is thrilled to be working as a full-time stylist and salon manager.  She is inspired by the cutting-edge nature of the hair industry and is determined to continue to grow as a dynamic stylist.  

"My goal for guests as they sit in my chair is for them to have an experience that they truly enjoy, and leave with a look they truly love."     - Sasha 

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