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Level 3 Stylist

Originally from Maine, Heather has been a hairstylist for 36 years. While in college, Heather realized her true passion was hairstyling, which eventually led her to cosmetology school.  After graduating she worked as a stylist, honing her craft.  In 1990 she decided to move to Massachusetts and landed in Salem. Heather has worked in salons in and around the North Shore, as a manager, educator, and stylist.  


Since joining Hair Crafters 15 years ago, Heather credits her personal and professional growth as a stylist to working alongside such talented colleagues. Heather has been in the industry long enough to know that it is forever growing and changing and she is excited to stretch and develop herself right along with it. 


"My clients are what keep me motivated to keep growing. I look forward to creating a more beautiful you and I invite you to come and see all that we have to offer." - Heather 

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